We offer a wide range of high-quality professional development opportunities.

We are committed to to ensuring our members receive the best digital and face-to-face professional development opportunities.  We keep it relevant by engaging locally and nationally, networking between junior officers and civilians with senior leaders and industry leaders.


Attend our annual premier logistics symposium.

LOA Symposium offers a forum where logisticians at all levels of leadership can collaborate to discuss challenges of operating in a dynamic global defense environment and brainstorm solutions to overcome them.


The Exceptional Release publication is LOA’s award winning peer-reviewed journal that is published quarterly.

LOA’s Exceptional Release advocates for the logistics and acquisition community. The publication allows members to share experiences, best practices and allows senior leaders to provide strategic perspectives. Readers will enjoy relevant topics that enhance our members’ professional development.


 Associate with LOA chapters around the world.

Stay linked with our local chapters around the world and continue your development all throughout the year.


Become a member to receive or provide mentorship.

Continue your professional development with a network of professionals, then mentor the next generation of logistics and acquisition leaders.


Early professional development.

Our organization offers scholarships and awards to deserving professionals that contribute to their growth and success.

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We offer a wide range of high-quality professional development opportunities.


“Every LOA event is an opportunity to gain strategic perspective and potentially meet lifelong friends and mentors.  I joined LOA because of what I expected to learn; I stayed because of the people I met.”

Capt K. Brugler

“LOA membership provides me leadership, mentorship, and educational opportunities that helps me get the mission done.   All Air Force logisticians need to be part of LOA.”

Mr. B. Leonard

“The Logistics Officer Association is an amazing organization that has helped me develop as a logistics leader, but more importantly, created a broad network of fellow professionals I can reach out to any time.  I highly recommend all officers join LOA; it will provide huge returns on investment, all you have to do is join, participate, and have some fun.”

Lt Col B. Flack