By Rachelle M. Miller, Capt, USAF

“Education and training are the foundation of our airpower advantage.” – Air Force Vision

With increased technological advancements and the exponential increase of information sharing around the globe, it is imperative that the Air Force remains at the forefront of innovation. Our innovation is a result of the deliberate and purposeful growth and education of our Airmen. This is firmly ingrained by our Air Force in its culture and its abundance of continuous learning opportunities. The bottom line is that the Air Force values educated Airmen because of their worth as innovative and future-thinking leaders, therefore it is prudent to our Airmen to develop and embrace lifelong learning.

If you want to be among the valued elite there are an abundance of options for continued education. One such option is through AF e-Learning. This is a free on-demand self-development tool that is available through the Air Force portal to active duty, guard, and reserve personnel as well as Air Force civilian employees. The e-Learning site provides training toward certifications in: project management, human resources, accounting, quality, and business analysis. Further, there are general courses that focus on personal and professional competencies, such as ethical leadership, providing feedback, and building trust amongst ones followers.

The certification process is simple; just complete the training through the e-Learning site, apply for the certificate through the professional organization that recognizes the AF e-Learning training certificate (e.g. Project Management Institute, International Institute of Business Analysis, Human Resource Certification Institute, etc.), and finally, take the credentialing exam.

There are fees associated with applying for and taking the credentialing exam through the professional organization. However, for the fiscally cognizant, there is an option to use VA Top-up to assist with credentialing fees. More information on funding certifications will be offered in our next segment.

By using AF e-Learning you will:

  • Embrace lifelong learning by enjoying free training that is professionally recognized
  • Boost professional image and credibility in current and future professions
  • Provide innovation and future-thinking leadership to the world’s best Air Force


  • AF e-Learning: Provides over 2,800 technical and business skills courses, thousands of online books, as well as preparation for tools for commercial IT certification tests.