Moody AFB held a local Chapter Symposium 27-28 May and had 20 officers in attendance over the 2 day event from the MXG, LRS, and CONS plus one of the 21A functionals from AFPC who provided a 2-hr comprehensive brief and conducted 1-on-1’s with the officers.

The theme was “Logistics and Leadership,” and included a variety of speakers focusing on logistics issues such as contingency contracting, IDRC roles/responsibilities, AMMO processes, to forum with pilots and CMSgts, to leadership lessons from commanders such as Disruptive Thinkers, Start With Why, etc.

  • Kickoff and 23 Wg/CC Q/A – Col Chad Franks
  • AFPC Spread the Word Brief – Capt Dave Rhodes
  • Leadership Presentation #1 (Things I Wish I Understood as a CGO) – Lt Col Rob Custer, 23 EMS/CC
  • Supply Warehouse Tour – 2Lt Carrie Cain, 23 LRS
  • Lean Awareness Lesson – Capt Drew Vorhies, 23 AMXS
  • Leadership Presentation #2 (Disruptive Thinkers) – Lt Col James Long, 23 MXG/CD
  • Ops Forum – Lt Col Dave Rayman, 75 FS/CC; Lt Col Ryan Hill, 81 FS/DO; Maj JJ Pruitt, 71 RQS/ADO
  • IDRC/DCC Lesson – Capt Sylvia Felder, 23 Wg IDO
  • Leadership Presentation #3 (Take Charge Now) – Lt Col Michael Jones, 23 MSG/CD
  • AMMO Tour/Bomb Build – 1Lt Marques Reyes, 23 EMS
  • Chief’s Panel – CMSgt Richi Buford, 723 AMXS; CMSgt Barry Medlin, 23 MXG; CMSgt (Ret) Brian Miller, 23 MSG
  • Base and Contingency Contracting Lesson – 1Lt Pete Mines and Lori Riley, 23 CONS
  • Leadership Lesson #4 – Lt Col Laura Ramos, 23 LRS/CC
  • Thoughts on Leadership – Col Jeffery Decker, 23 MXG/CC

Attached is the full agenda, briefing materials, and photos so you can see all that was covered  and discussed.  For more information on how to organize your own local event please contact the LOA Chapter Ambassadors at