Jill Watson, a fellow member of LOA, is pursuing her doctorate at Clemson University and is asking her fellow members of our community to assist as participants in an online supply chain management experiment. This experiment is the foundation of her dissertation and is relevant to our work in the area of supply chain management. She needs a sample of around 350-400 people to be able to achieve her research objectives.

If you can spare a little of your time to participate in the experiment, we’ll be helping to expand the academic knowledge base in this area and helping a fellow LOA member accomplish her professional educational development goals.

The link to the online experiment and survey is:


If you have any questions about this effort, you can contact Jill Watson at jilliad@clemson.edu, 571-334-8019. She will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for your willingness to help in this research effort as Professionals Shaping the Military Environment!

Very Respectfully,

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