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Sheppard takes on new courses for AFLOS

by 1st Lt. Ava Margerison
82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

6/5/2015 – SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas  — Sheppard’s first class of 28 Logistics Readiness Officer Course students graduated here the end of May 2015.

The Logistics Readiness Officer Course and the Intermediate Readiness Officer Course, previously taught at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, relocated to the Air Force Logistics Officer Schoolhouse at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.

The two transplanted courses are successfully up and running with more plans in the works to further improve training for future logisticians.

“The concept was to have a whole logistics schoolhouse to merge all of our experiences and thoughts to provide that synergy to the individual,” said Capt. Sara Hewett, LROC instructor.

Capt. Daniel Connors, AFLOS director, agreed with Hewitt adding, “The move increases networking opportunities and reshapes how we grow our logistics enterprise linked career fields. This was one of the steps in Maj. Gen. John Cooper’s Deliberate Continuum of Learning initiative.”

There are three categories of initial and intermediate officer training in AFLOS, maintenance, munitions and logistics readiness. Within these categories there are nine different training programs, Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course, Accelerated AMOC, Munitions Officer Fundamentals Course, Nuclear Maintenance Officers Course, Conventional Munitions Officer Course, Nuclear Accountability Course, Maintenance Officer Intermediate Course, Logistics Readiness Officer Course, and the Intermediate Readiness Officer Course.

The graduation in May ended up coinciding with 14 Aircraft Maintenance Officers Course graduates further illustrating the intended synchronization between the logistics programs.

“Not all graduations will align as the courses are all differing lengths,” said Connors, “However, it was poetic that this alignment occurred right out of the gate.”


Col. Clayton Seale, 82nd Training Group commander, and Lynn Arias, Logistics Officer Association National Chief Information Officer, sign a strategic partnership between the LOA and the Air Force Logistics Officers Schoolhouse at Sheppard Air Force Base Texas, May 21, 2015. (U.S. Air Force courtesy photo)

Additionally, the Logistics Officer Association, a national professional organization, sent representatives to participate in the ceremony and sign a strategic partnership with the schoolhouse.  New resources and connections with industry, commerce, and sister services are all potentially available to contribute to officer development.

This adaptation will not only have an impact on U.S. Air Force student education but also on the more than 50 different nations who send their students to Sheppard.

The idea to revamp AFLOS initiated almost two years ago. This combination of courses is just the beginning of the vision.  In October, AFLOS will host a Utilization and Training Workshop to discuss with functional experts from across the Major Commands to build what the schoolhouse will look like in the future.

“The schoolhouse will continue to expand, ” said Connors,  “In the future, there might be further consolidations to gain efficiencies and eventually transform the institution into centralized hub for Air Force Logistics education and training.”

Connors is excited about the development, “We are at the forefront of a career field evolution.”

In the meantime, AFLOS is moving forward and continues training students.  The schoolhouse is expected to graduate more than 600 students annually.