We are pleased to announce a new LOA award named “The Trailblazer”.  Eligible recipients are any military, government, civilian, academic, small business, or industry partner that has an innovative idea or developed an innovative solution that specifically benefits the Air Force Logistics and Acquisition enterprise.  The 2019 Logistics Officer Association Trailblazer Award is being presented in Honor of Maj Gen Marcelite Harris.

Please submit your nominee’s IAW the attached LOA Guidance-9 in PDF format to by 1 July 2019.  Selection of the Trailblazer Award recipients will be made by the Small Business Innovation Council (SBIC) comprised of industry and government leaders.  LOA’s Chief Operations Officer will present SBIC’s recommendations of award to the Executive Board for final approval and announcement.   Winners will be announced by 1 September via a LOA Press Release and published in a future edition of the Exceptional Release journal and recognized during the 2019 LOA Symposium in Oklahoma City, 8-11 October 2019.