3 October 2019

The Logistics Officer Association recently started a “Year of the Chapters” initiative to focus on strengthening chapters and their associated squadrons.  One of the initiatives was to revamp the membership rewards program. The new program provides chapters a return on investment for each chapter’s membership size.  The annual rewards will help chapters provide continuous professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.

This past year our membership numbers increased steadily and we are thrilled to announce that LOA will be giving back $8,250 to 70 eligible chapters worldwide – roughly four times the amount offered in previous years.  Additional rewards will be given to the LOA Chapter of the Year winners in the Small, Medium and Large categories.

The membership officer will soon notify eligible chapters and provide their membership size and payout amount in accordance with LOA-Guidance 8, Membership Rewards Program. Eligible chapters must send the full name on their associated bank account and mailing address to membership@loanational.org no later than 31 December 2019.

Please contact the membership officer for more information on the rewards program.  We look forward to seeing you at the LOA Symposium, 8-11 October 2019 in Oklahoma City, OK.