If you look at our history, how we became one with the Maintenance Officer Association, and how from 1999 through 2009 Supply, Transportation, Logistics Plans, Contracting, Acquisitions, and Technology career fields across the DoD have joined us, you will realize the importance of how the Logistics Officer Association affects these different communities.

In order for LOA to continue operating as a World Class Professional Logistics Organization, we need new minds, new mentees and mentors-ultimately new memberships. Our primary source of income lies within membership dues. This year’s membership drive will be from 1 – 30 September, after the PCS season. I, along with the Chief Operating Officer, will take a snap shot of the entire active membership roster on 1 September and again on 30 September. Chapters that gain five or more first time memberships between both snap shots will qualify for the Chapter Rewards Program.

The criteria for new members are as follows:
a) A professional acquisition, technology, or logistics officer, military or civilian (GS-9 or above and/or Pay Band 2 and above).
b) A Commander, Director, or equivalent who commands, directs, and/or manages professional acquisition, technology, or logistics officers, military and civilian.
c) A professional acquisition, technology, or logistics officer, or civilian equivalent (GS-9 or above) on active duty with, or retired from, another Military Service under the Department of Defense and other Military Services under other countries’ Departments of Defense.
d) A member of a military-related civilian organization who is the equivalent of a professional acquisition, technology, or logistics officer.
e) Exceptions: Corporate, Honorary, Air Force Logistics Officer School (AFLOS), and Palace Acquire (PAQ) memberships do not qualify for this membership drive.

Since there are benefits of a LOA National membership to both the new member and their chapter, I expect to see great competition for the Chapter Rewards Program. More importantly, I’m excited to see new members join our organization!

For those who have just PCS’d be sure to update your new chapter affiliation and renew if applicable! This is especially important when we start looking into Chapter of the Year Awards (Lt Gen Donald J. Wetekam award for large chapters, Deb K. Tune for medium size chapters, and Col James L. Hass for small chapters).