The Exceptional Release is LOA’s award-winning, peer-reviewed journal. Established in 1982, the ER is LOA’s flagship publication, providing valuable content on current issues relevant to both public and private sectors. The ER is published quarterly with content published by and for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics professionals.

This publication welcomes professional editorials on relevant topics from both government and commercial viewpoints to keep readers on top of late-breaking developments in the field of logistics. The ER boasts content for professionals at all levels by presenting opinion pieces, analysis for beginners and scholars, updates from small businesses and industry, as well as rich and varied feature material.

Consideration for Publication

The Exceptional Release welcomes the submission of original articles on best practices, case studies, problems, insights, applications, opinions, and letter to the editor for publication consideration. The ER seriously considers all submissions. As an Acquisition, Technology, or Logistics professional, your personal experiences in the field can be valuable to readers. We accept articles on a rolling base. The ER makes no final commitments to accepting an article for publication until it has been thoroughly reviewed by the editorial team and, as required, until revisions are made that satisfy Exceptional Release guidelines for accuracy, clarity, and publication conventions.

Publication Guidelines

  • Articles should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with APA format citations.
  • There is no length requirement; however, published articles are generally between 800 to 5,000 words.
  • In addition to the author’s contact information (full name, phone number, and email address), submissions should include a one-paragraph abstract and a “about the author” biography not to exceed 175 words in length. Such biographies might include significant positions or assignments, notes on education or degrees attained, and brief allusions to other qualifications that establish the credibility of the author with regard to the subject covered in the article.
  • Authors should avoid the use of professional jargon that is arcane or extremely technical language that may be unfamiliar to the average reader. All acronyms should be spelled out at first reference or avoided, when possible.
  • Authors should submit corresponding featured photos, artwork, charts, tables, maps, etc. that support the major themes in the manuscript. Photographs should be in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. Each visual should be accompanied by a caption identifying the date, location, unit, personnel, etc., and a description of the action, and a photo credit specifying who took the photo. All photos should either be US government photos or the property of the author.

Editing Process

Article submissions should be made to the Chief Editor at The Exceptional Release will send an acknowledgment to the author upon receipt of the manuscript. Submissions that include content relevant to the logistics community and meet the initial guidelines above will then
be assigned to the editing team. The editors may suggest changes in the interest of clarity and economy of expression; such changes will be made in consultation with the original author. The editors are the final arbiters of usage, grammar, style, and length of article.

Publishing Schedule/Deadlines

  • 2024(3) Fall
    • Submission: 9 Aug 24
    • Publication: 20 Sep 24
  • 2024(4) Winter
    • Submission: 3 Nov 24
    • Publication: 15 Dec 24
  • 2025(1) Spring
    • Submission: 31 Jan 25
    • Publication: 7 Mar 25
  • 2025(2) Summer – Symposium Edition
    • Submission: 10 May 25
    • Publication: 24 Jun 25


LOA grants one-time reprint permission (non-commercial) for articles for which it owns copyright. If LOA cannot grant reprint permission, we will try to put you in touch with someone who can.

To request permission to photocopy or reuse any LOA article in your publication, send an e-mail to Jondavid DuVall, Chief Operating Officer at detailing the title of the article, author, page number, volume/issue of ER, and where and when the article will be used. If you are going to photocopy an article for non-commercial distribution, state how many copies you wish to make.


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