Happy New Year! 2016 was a busy year for Logistics Civilian Force Development. We spent a lot of energy working to increase communications; clarify expectations and processes; and expand opportunities for our workforce. But we need your help to ensure maximum distribution and consistent communication of our messages at all levels. Please forward this note to all military and civilian leaders and supervisors within your organization and ask them to help mentor our Logisticians and advise them on the opportunities and initiatives within the career field.

  • Attached for use at all levels of leadership and the workforce is our new Logistics Career Field Tri-fold. This is a basic snapshot of our enterprise guidelines, information about civilian developmental education, development opportunities as well as references and websites for further information. Please print a copy and encourage those in your command to do the same in order to learn more about civilian force development.
  • New training opportunities. In conjunction with our 21X CFMs and AFIT, we have recently opened up the Deliberate Continuum of Learning (DCoL) Short Course Suite to the civilian workforce. The DCoL suite of courses is made up of 20+ courses. They are developed and delivered by experienced logisticians allowing the courses to provide true gap-filling training or knowledge enhancement to targeted logistic FGOs, CGOs, SNCOs, and civilians just prior to entering new assignments or position. The courses are short, most less than six hours. For more information and course descriptions, visit the 21X MyPers page, https://mypers.af.mil/ci/fattach/get/6337525/1482163964/redirect/1/filename/LATEST%20NEWS%20-%2021X%20DCoL%20Web-based%20Courses.pdf.
  • As you know, civilian assignments are not automatic and our hiring process is resume and interview based. To assist individuals to put their best foot forward in an interview, Ms. Lisa Smith recently recorded a video to provide some interview tips and guidance. The full video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/bnvP3_uSukg
  • We outdid ourselves this year at the LOA for the civilian breakout panel. We had an outstanding panel of SES’ speakers that provided insight into their own diverse careers and illustrated how there no “one way” to have a successful career as a civilian. The panel comprised of Mr. Gil Montoya, Ms. Steve Alsup, Mr. Ken Watson, Ms. Lynn Rutledge, and Ms. Rebecca Westlake. For those who were unable to attend LOA in person, they can watch the full panel on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7YEV63wLdo&feature=youtube
  • As you are aware, Secretary James recently rolled out MyVector with a focus on increased mentoring for our Total Force. This summer, Mr. Tim Bridges, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection provided his thoughts on mentoring. If you have not seen it already, it can also be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjoTMQvZlgU
  • Finally, hot off the presses, attached is our new Career Broadening Desk Guide. The career broadening program is a unique opportunity that allows our high-performing, high-potential, mid-level civilians the opportunity to gain breadth in another stall or area of Logistics. There are opportunities in San Antonio, the Pentagon, throughout AFMC and even at Joint COCOMs and DLA. The attached desk guide provides information for those that may be interested in breaking outside of their comfort zone and learning something different.

We will continue to expand our efforts in 2017. Of note, this spring please be on the lookout for our Logistics Roadshow. We will film the roadshow for those bases that we are unable to visit in person. This spring, you can also expect to see messages for our FY19 Logistics Training Opportunities and GS-14/15/NH04 vectoring.

If you have any ideas or concerns about any gaps, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Additionally our lines of communication are always open and you can contact our AF Career Field Manager, Ms. Jennifer (Jenna) Fletcher, DSN 222-4127, or our Logistics Career Field Team Chief, Ms. Andrea Truman, DSN 665-1009 at any time with questions or ideas.