SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Logistics Officer Association will host virtual LOA University classes October 19-23 in lieu of an in-person symposium this fall.

LOAU will offer five courses, one each day of the week, in order to effectively meet the organization’s mission of providing value-added professional development and educational opportunities for logisticians across the force.

All courses will be streamed online each day, and the recordings will remain online to view when convenient.

The LOA National Team encourages local chapters to harness creative ideas for hosting watch parties while maintaining social distance.

“We’re excited to help our local chapters find ways to engage and learn during these unprecedented times, but I also want to emphasize the virtual LOAU courses will be beneficial for enlisted, officer, civilians – all loggies,” said Boyd Stewart, LOA Chief Learning Officer.

The 2021 LOA Symposium will take place March 30 – April 2 and is currently expected to be held in-person in Salt Lake City, Utah. The symposium will kick-off by featuring a full day of LOAU courses.

Virtual LOAU Course Schedule (additional details to follow):

Monday, October 19: Sortie Production and Management Primer

Tuesday, October 20: Logistics and the Internet of Things

Wednesday, October 21: Geopolitics and You

Thursday, October 22: Logistics Special Developmental Programs and You

Friday, October 23: Leading and Crisis Management (Capstone course with 21X general officer panel)

For more information, please contact our National Ambassadors or Chief Learning Officer.