SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – After much measured deliberation, the Logistics Officer Association Executive Board has decided to transition the 2021 LOA Symposium to a virtual event.  The change was formally announced during the first day of LOA’s Fall Virtual University.  Originally set to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, the virtual symposium will remain March 30 – April 2.

“The uncertainty of COVID-19 has presented a wide array of challenges for logisticians around the world, but LOA is excited to host a virtual symposium,” said Scott Fike, LOA National President.  While COVID-19 may have altered the approach and the platform wherein LOA provides steadied and outstanding support and professional development services for its membership body, LOA has not deterred from doing what it has consistently done for 38 consecutive years — and that is to simply deliver professional development!  In the interim, LOA’s Virtual University is ongoing this week for the week with one session each day at 1000-1100 EST.  We remain extremely excited and look forward to a hugely successful virtual symposium next Spring.

In keeping with tradition, next Spring’s virtual symposium will offer LOA University on the first day and feature a variety of educational courses.  Virtual attendees can also expect Air Force Specialty Code-specific sessions hosted by experts from the Air Force Personnel Center.  And of course, the virtual symposium will have a phenomenal line up of guest speakers and exhibitors to ensure the Symposium attendees have a great virtual LOA symposium experience.