ER Presents: LOA Scholarship Advances Airman’s Career

By Capt Dave Loska &
2d Lt Kwadralyn Townsend

Each year the Logistics Officer Association proudly recognizes enlisted, officer and civilian Airmen with college scholarship opportunities in an effort to mentor and advance people interested in progressing within the logistics and acquisition profession.  Many of these Airmen go on to finish their education while others also apply for a commission to turn in their stripes for bars.

We reached out to one of those stellar Airman to follow up after they received the LOA scholarship and later commissioned to become a second lieutenant logistics readiness officer.

ER: Where are you from originally? Where are you now and what do you do in the USAF?

2d Lt Townsend: I’m originally from Houston, TX and I’m currently stationed at McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS. I’m a Logistics Readiness Officer (LRO) and my current position is the Fuels Management Flight Commander. I lead a team of 47 Airmen and oversee 18M gallons of fuel annually.

ER: How did you hear about the scholarship?

2d Lt Townsend: Capt then, but now Major Jason Henderson came into my office and talked to me about it.

ER: What motivated you to submit?

2d Lt Townsend: My educational goals, career progression, and Major Henderson’s drive in creating future logistics leaders motivated me to submit.

ER: How did you feel when you received it?

2d Lt Townsend: I was shocked, excited, and extremely grateful for being selected to receive the top scholarship for the Lone Star Chapter ($2,000).

ER: How did receiving the scholarship/award help you in your career and transition to an LRO?

2d Lt Townsend: It was a huge help with needed school materials and taking extra classes after my annual TA allowance ran out. This allowed me to continue to take classes at the pace needed to meet my ultimate goal of applying for a commission.

I’ve had a special interest in LOA after receiving the LOA scholarship and being selected to commission as an LRO. Once I got to my first duty station as an LRO I immediately looked into getting involved with the local LOA chapter. I am now the LOA Treasurer. My goal is to give back, motivate and inspire Airmen interested in the logistics career field.

ER: What advice would you give other chapters or Airmen that are considering the scholarship?

2d Lt Townsend: First, my advice to other chapters is to not overlook the importance of this scholarship; not only does it help Airmen monetarily, but it motivates them to keep pushing toward their educational goals in a business where it’s so easy to put school on the back burner. Second, educate Airmen on what this scholarship is because there is a lot of Airmen that have no idea it exists.

My advice to Airmen considering the scholarship, “Shoot your shot”. Don’t be discouraged from applying and keep striving toward your goal!

ER: Any shout-outs?

2d Lt Townsend: I would like to shout-out Major Jason Henderson for seeing my potential and nominating me for this scholarship. I would also like to recognize Capt Katherine Brugler for sharing my story with the national LOA board.  And my family!


Although this year’s scholarship suspense has closed, it’s now time to look towards next year.  Chapters are encouraged to start the local nomination process early so each chapter can submit their winners to the national level by the summer suspense.

Please contact our LOA Vice President with any questions regarding the LOA scholarship (see LOA Guidance-3)

If you would like to make a donation to the scholarship fund, please visit our donation page: scholarship donation.