The Logistics Officer Association is pleased to release the 2023 WISE reading list–a recommended reading list for logisticians by logisticians.

9 May 2023

Building on the WISE model announced at the LOA2023 symposium, the Logistics Officer Association released a recommended reading list with particular focus on logistics warfighters, innovators, sustainers, and educators.  Compiled by the Chief Learning Officer Jerry Ottinger with input from the organization’s membership around the world, this curated list offers fiction and non-fiction alike encouraging logisticians to consider their own leadership styles and the significance of logistics in strategic competition.

The recommended reading list, which may be accessed on the LOA website here, offers 18 books categorized by the four WISE functions.  From consideration of experience and perspective to logistics lessons from World War II, this list provides a roadmap for logistics professionals seeking to better themselves. As always, we enthusiastically encourage members to read, connect, and share what they think–whether through their local chapters or contributions to the Exceptional Release!

The Logistics Officer Association publishes an annual reading list.  For future year book recommendations, please contact Jerry Ottinger ( or Evan Hanson (