The Logistics Officer Association Executive Board is excited to announce the release of its 2019 Strategic Plan. The board met with LOA’s Board of Advisors at a recent strategic offsite to discuss the direction of the organization and develop new initiatives to ensure LOA remains a premier association for our logistics and acquisition professionals.

The membership’s success and growth in professional development remains a top priority.  The organization continues to be a cutting-edge professional development association that provides relevant, real and solution-oriented learning and collaboration opportunities to logistics, acquisition and technology professionals across the Department of Defense, industry and academia.

The executive board will use the strategic plan to jump start several initiatives that will help ensure its members continue to be inspired, connected, and supported at the local and national level.

The board recognizes that engagement at the local and national levels are vital to organization’s success. The latest strategic plan and initiatives will help ensure there continue’s to be a forum for our logistics and acquisition professionals to learn, mentor, grow and succeed in a dynamic global defense logistics environment – and your participation is key!

Thanks for all you do to support our professional organization and we look forward to another great year!