By Jonathan Menashi, Capt, USAF
Supply Chain Execution, Sales and Operations Planning,
Education With Industry

I started as a Logistics Readiness Officer a little over 10 years ago, and have spent about 6 of those years outside traditional logistics organizations which provide easy access to logistics leaders (RED HORSE, Acquisitions, Education With Industry with While these positions have been amazing and developed me in many ways, each one presented challenges in remaining connected to the career field. This is where being a part of LOA has proved to be priceless.

Mentoring: The opportunity for mentoring should be the foundation for any professional organization. Involvement with LOA ensures that younger members receive this chance. A young professional may never have the chance get in the room with leaders of their field. But LOA strives to breakdown these “walls” and provide the opportunity to meet. The chance to be mentored is my main reason for loving LOA, because having the medium to discuss ideas and career path options with senior leaders has directly impacted my career decisions… LOA opens that door!

Professional Development: LOA offers professional development on a myriad of topics via courses, workshops, publications, and information posted on their website, mobile applications, or email correspondence. These announcements keep us up to date on the status of our profession and the global logistics environment. Plus, it provides great conversation topics for organizational level LOA chapters and members. It’s been a while, but I enjoyed the chance to meet up for a few hours with my base logistics leaders and bounce topics off them. Whether it’s a discussion of best practices in the military, viewpoints of our senior leaders, industry trends and operations, or certification programs… LOA opens that door!

Networking: LOA’s annual symposium is great! Besides the incredible training, insight into industry, briefings from senior leaders, and recruitment possibilities for transitioning personnel, it is a wonderful opportunity for someone to mix and mingle with others in the broader Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics career fields. I speak with my fellow members of LOA frequently and we always talk about meeting up at the symposium. If ever given the time to attend the symposium or organizational LOA event, I would go in a heartbeat… LOA opens that door!

Scholarships and Awards: LOA provides outstanding scholarship support to officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians who strive to develop themselves professionally. Also, it honors the achievements of those who have gotten involved and given back to their organizations… LOA opens that door!

Jobs: For those members who are looking to transition from a military to civilian role, LOA’s career center and relationships with industry are critical. LOA helps its members find jobs via listings and active engagement with recruiters at the annual symposium. Most importantly, I believe so strongly in ensuring future employment opportunities for our veterans, that I am currently working with recruitment leaders to have them partner with LOA… LOA opens that door!