Fellow Logistics and Acquisition Professionals,

We are conducting our annual LOA-wide membership drive from 31 Aug–15 Sept 2018. During this time, we encourage all chapters to focus on recruiting new members and renewing current memberships. Many members join LOA/AOA as a chance to make a difference and network with others our career fields. The membership drive is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on those benefits. This is an excellent time to help make your chapter stronger and meet new logisticians in DoD and industry.

There are many benefits to joining LOA/AOA. First and foremost, LOA/AOA provide a great opportunity to network with other logisticians and interact with senior leaders. Throughout a logistician’s career this network of professional and technical experts will be there to help you combat future challenges.

Membership dues make it possible for LOA/AOA to provide the following benefits:

· Provide a network that will help facilitate learning, offer mentorship, and provide career counseling.
· Publish the ER magazine to promote professional development.
· Provide connection to industry partners
· Host an annual symposium that merges public and private efforts.
· Connect strategic logistics messages with those who may not otherwise be aware of current logistics issues.
· Sponsor scholarships and awards for logistics and acquisitions personnel.
· Offer job search opportunities for members separating/transitioning/retiring.

Chapters that gain five or more first-time memberships during the membership drive will qualify for the Chapter Rewards Program. Chapter Rewards checks will be handed out at LOA 2018.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

National Membership Chair
Logistics Officer Association