Logistics Officer Association (LOA) Editorial Staff

Position Solicitation

Position:  Director, Graphic Design & Art (non-paying)

Job Overview:  The Director of Graphic Design & Art produces logos, graphics, banners, and other artwork upon request for the Logistics Officer Association. Additionally, he/she works hand-in-hand with LOA’s premier, peer reviewed Military Journal (Exceptional Release) editorial staff to develop covers for the quarterly publication. He/she is empowered to create/develop art to promote the LOA national brand.

Suggested Qualifications:
– Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop (or similar graphics/editing software)
– Background and interest in art/graphic design

Research current events in military logistics for magazine covers
– Create cover for quarterly military journal, Exceptional Release
Produce graphics by request for LOA National reports/products
– Design logos/graphics for LOA Symposium & other events
– Develop general graphics by request of LOA Executive Board

For more information or if you are interested in the position, then please contact Ryan VanArtsdalen at cio@loanational.org.  Solicitation will end 26 December.