April 2017 has been designated as the main fundraising month for the Gen Marquez statue. If you didn’t attend the LOA Convention this year, LOA is placing USAF Maintenance Technician statue on Sheppard AFB in honor or Lt. Gen. Leo Marquez, father of modern-day Air Force maintenance and logistics.  This is a great way to tie into the heritage and history of Air Force logistics.   Make your donation online today!

General Marquez is the former deputy chief of staff for logistics and engineering and is the father of modern-day Air Force maintenance and logistics. The statue of the Air Force maintainer, placed strategically at the main gate in which future Air Force logisticians will enter to attend the USAF Logistics School House, is a remarkable way to honor those Air Force professionals who have and who will serve tirelessly throughout the world to ensure the daily mission readiness of our Air Force.

We’ve asked each Chapter to raise at least $1,000 for the statue.  Make your donation online today and join LOA in preserving Air Force Logistics history.

Chapter Sponsorships:

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Individual Sponsorships:

Joe Diana, Donna Parry, Jondavid DuVall, Family of Leo Marquez, Scott Fike, Brad Leonard, Tesa Lanoy, Ronald Burgess, Carol Howitz, Sherry Rossi