The Department of Defense is exploring innovative ways to provide Warfighters with the parts and supplies they need during an era of budget constraints, aging equipment, and growing international complexity. To further reduce acquisition and production costs, the US Government has invested a substantial amount of time, effort, and money into developing a potentially game-changing new industrial technology, known as additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing, has the potential to provide the US Military with the ability to drastically reduce the maintenance and sustainment costs of equipment, improve overall mission readiness, decrease the amount of storage needed for spare parts, and deliver increased operational flexibility to Warfighters in the deployed environment. Providing the US Military with the ability to manufacture parts on-demand not only strengthens military units’ ability to become more self-sufficient, it fundamentally transforms the defense industrial complex as we know it.

The Military Additive Manufacturing Summit is an educational forum to engage the Department of Defense, Federal Government agencies, academia, and solution providers in a collaborative discussion that further explores the tremendous role that additive manufacturing will play within the US defense industry.

The Summit will be held at CAMLS / University of South Florida, Tampa, FL from 7-8 Feb 2017. Register today at (Free for Military/Gov Civilian)

Hear what Senior Level DoD Leaders have to say across a sprecturm of topics:

  • Opportunities for Delivering Innovative and Responsive Additive Manufacturing Technology to Warfighters and DoD Components
  • Near-term Additive Manufacturing Initiatives to Create Self-Sufficient Repair and Maintenance Capabilities in Space
  • Leveraging Additive Manufacturing Technologies to Transform the Maintenance and Logistics Supply Chain
  • Reducing Storage, Waste, and the Need to Forecast Supply Chain Capacity in Advance
  • Leveraging Additive Manufacturing Technologies to Expedite the Development of Prototypes for Engineering and Design Purposes
  • Improving the Functionality of 3D Printed Parts and Equipment through Additive Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Near-term Acquisition and Research Focus Areas for Additive Manufacturing within the DoD Enterprise

Register today at (Free for Military/Gov Civilian)