The MacDill LOA Chapter will host one of LOA’s Innovation Leaders Speaker Series on 20 July at MacDill AFB, FL, 1300-1400hrs, 6th LRS Conference Room.

Keynote speaker: Corey Flowers, co-founder of Onyx Point Inc. will be speaking on lessons learned and pain points from his vast experience in the areas of big data orchestration and system compliance within NSA organizations.

This event will be open to chapter members and government personnel on MacDill AFB.  The Innovation Leader Speaker Series is being sponsored by Connected Alliances, the 2017 Small Business Innovation Pavilion sponsor.


About Onyx Point, Inc

Since its inception in September of 2009, Onyx Point has been dedicated to the development of open source technologies to help reduce cost to its government customer base within both NSA and the State Department. Onyx Point has also helped to drive new innovative methods of automation and data orchestration within NSA organizations. By focusing on a security first approach to system automation, Onyx Point worked to build SIMP (system integration mission platform), an open source system automation framework, that has taken system accreditation from months to weeks within NSA spaces. Onyx Point has also worked hand in hand with NSA government leadership to help architect the data distribution systems of corporate NSA data. These systems have allowed for the proper tracking, tagging, collection and dissemination of all corporate NSA enterprise data, as well as the ability to identify areas of latency in data processing.