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  • President’s Log
  • From the E-Ring by Lt Gen John B. Cooper
  • Senior Leader Perspective by Brig Gen Carl A. Buhler
  • Joint Matters by Brig Gen Mark M. McLeod
  • For the Want of a Nail by Maj Gen Warren Berry, Lt Gen Micheal E. Zettler, USAF (Ret)
  • Shifting the Bottleneck: Logistics Lessons from Nepal by Capt Brint Ingersoll
  • Vehicle Management … The Struggle is Real: A Glycol Recovery Vehicle Story by 1st Lt Jamey Shuls
  • Equipment Challenges of an Organic Transition by Capt David Roth
  • LOA: The Founders by Col Logan “Jay” Bennett, USAF (Ret)
  • Beale AFB High Flight Chapter Tours Sierra Nevada Brewery by Major Jerry L. Ottinger II
  • The Magic behind the Curtain: Takeaways from a Depot Tour by Maj Joshua Downing
  • Split-AMU Operations: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Job by Capt Aaron W. Darty
  • KC-46A Tanker Increases Maintenance Efficiency by Ms. Pam Valdez, Maj Gen Warren Berry, and Lt Col Liz Clay
  • Training the Joint Loggie: Enabling Global Agility Across the Joint Logistics Enterprise by Maj Jonathan E. Menashi

Thank you to our corporate partners in this edition: Marvin Test Solutions and Northrop Grumman! Looking forward to seeing everyone for LOA2015!

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Jondavid DuVall
Chief Operating Officer
Logistics Officer Association