University of Tennessee – Knoxville’s Aerospace & Defense MBA program has just been accepted to the Academic Common Market.  What this mean is if the state where the student resides does not have the same type program as UTK’s ADMBA they would qualify for in-state tuition.

First the student would need to complete the UTK online application  and pay the $60 application fee and UTK admits them into their ADMBA program. Next they contact the coordinator for their home state (one of the 15 states on the map on the attachment) to request that the UTK ADMBA program be added to that state’s ACM inventory.  Here is the link to the ACM participating states –  (this will show their POC for each state).

If you click on the state, it will give the contact information for the state’s coordinator.  You will contact the state’s coordinator and ask for the protocol to get the UTK Aerospace & Defense MBA program at UTK added to the ACM inventory.  It takes an admitted student who is a certified resident of that state to get the process going. When they ask the UTK CIP Code is 35.52.0201.00 (you will need this at some point).

The second part of the process would then come into play – the request has to be approved by the Higher Education Commission in your home state first – then, that state contacts the TN Higher Education Commission who in turn contacts the UTK administration for approval.  If all the approvals are done then it goes back to the initial home state and gets added to the inventory, which then means they can apply to be part of the ACM.

Here’s a link to the SREB website with more information about the ACM program –

It really is not as complicated as it seems and worth a lot of money to the applicant! Contact Janice Reid (865)974-0173 for more information.