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Table of Contents
4 LOA President’s Letter / Ret Col Scott Fike
8 Persistent Logistics: Posture, Sense and Respond in a World of Great Power
Competition / Lt Gen Warren D. Berry
12 Editor’s Letter / Capt Dave Loska
13 Logistics Under Attack / Capt Alex Pagano
20 A New Data Acquisition Strategy and Operational Plan / Lt Col Christopher Monsey
42 Innovation in Sustainment: Business Processes Represent the Largest Opportunity
for Innovation / Mr. Jeff Slayton
47 Leveraging Integrity and Trust: A Call for Values-Based Compliance
in U.S. Air Force Aircraft Maintenance / Capt Dave Loska

Chief Editor
Dave Loska

Assistant Editor
Ms. Mary H. Parker

Director of Publishing,
Graphic Design & Art
Jenny Jones

Managing Editors
Mr. Robert Bosworth
Montanna Ewers
Richard P. Schwing
Andrew Kibellus
Holly Gramkow
Nathan Elking
Lisa McCarthy
Corbin Aldridge
Nicholas Hufnagel
Alexander Barden
Damiqua “Champ” Champion