LOA has operated within generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) as validated by two very successful external audits. Those audit results allowed the executive board to apply for and successfully become part of the Combined Federal Campaign!

That’s right, now you can directly contribute to the Logistics Officer Association through charitable donations during the open season. The LOA CFC designation number is #53503.

LOA has a 2.8% AFR (Administrative and Fundraising Rate) which means that 2.8 cents out of every received dollar covers the administrative overhead costs while the remaining 97.2 cents goes to services provided by the organization.  LOA is in the top 9.4% of all charities with a very low AFR out of 8,361 charities.  AFRs range from 0% to 100%.

CFC Giving Website:  https://cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome

LOA CFC:  Tammy McElhaney; tammy.mcelhaney@loanational.org