Civilian Tuition is now open to ALL Air Force permanent full-time appropriated fund employees with an acceptable performance appraisal.  Effective FY17, there are no longer any grade restrictions!

The Civilian Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP) is intended to support civilians in continued self-development and includes coursework at the associate, bachelor and masters levels completed at an accredited college or university for courses that contribute to occupational and institutional competencies, special interest needs and readiness by supporting the current and anticipated needs of the Air Force.  TA is only available for one course per semester and funding is limited to $250.00 per Semester Hour; $166.00 per Quarter Hour, with a Fiscal year limit of $4,500 dollars, and can be used for up to 75% of tuition cost based on the availability of funding IAW with funding caps.

Visit myPers for more information on the TA Eligibility and Application Process <Caution-> or contact the Logistics Career Field Team at 210-565-2365 (DSN 665) or for more information.