2023 Scholarship Winners ($1,500 each):

1st Lt Zeke Kaufman, Crossroads Chapter
TSgt Tyler Custer, Mustang Chapter
TSgt Olivia Feise, Wasatch Warrior Chapter
TSgt Blake Breeden, Northern Lights Chapter
SrA Kevaughn Black, Sonoran Chapter
SrA Brandi Roth, Wasatch Warrior Chapter
SrA Candace Zegeye, Gateway Chapter
A1C Alejandro Landeros, Northern Lights Chapter
A1C Lorena Leon, Gateway Chapter
Cadet Jessica Klein

2022 Scholarship Winners ($1,500 each):

Lt Catherine LoGrande, Dolomite Chapter
TSgt Jacob Johnson, Sorona Chapter
TSgt Katelyn Disney, Wasatch Chapter
TSgt Derek Scott, Cross Roads Chapter
SSgt Geremy Velez Masini, Low Country Chapter
SSgt Michael Lewis Barrett, Wasatch Chapter
SSgt Matthew Berg, Palmetto Chapter
SrA Nathaniel West, Northern Lights Chapter
SrA Tulay Urganci, Northern Lights Chapter
Ms. Brenda Florez Herrera, Wasatch Chapter

2021 Scholarship Winners ($1,500 each):

SrA Jazmine Brandon, 380 MOF, Al Dhafra, Air Base
SrA Cailtlyn Barker, 380 EMXG, Al Dhafra, Air Base
SSgt Robert Simms, 364 TRS, Texoma Chapter
TSgt Tina White, 380 EMXG, Al Dhafra Air Base
TSgt Mitchell Creech, 377 LRS, Sonoran Chapter
Lt Megan Murphy, 19 LRS, Arkansas Travelers Chapter

2020 Scholarship Winners ($1,500 each):

NH-03 Brently Adams, 76 CMXG, Crossroads Chapter
SrA Christopher Hicks, 435 SCOS, Gateway Chapter
SSgt Cyris Casanas, 1 SOAMXS, Air Commando Chapter
TSgt Perry Greggs, 19 AMXS, Arkansas Travelers Chapter
Capt Kristopher Eddy, 562 AMXS, Middle Georgia Chapter
Capt Daniel Dale, Norad and USNORTHCOM/J43, Pikes Peak Chapter

2019 Scholarship Winners:

Capt Daniel Johnston, Wright Brothers Chapter, Wright-Patterson AFB
Lt Danny Plunkett, Big Sky Chapter, Malmstrom AFB
Lt Amy Allgood, Palmetto Chapter, Shaw AFB
Lt Alexis Gerst, Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Hill AFB
TSgt Dennis Kidwell, Wright Brothers Chapter, Wright-Patterson AFB
SSgt Ashley Johnson, Dolomite Chapter, Aviano AB
SrA Hilda Gonzalez, Lightning Chapter, MacDill AFB
A1C Nicholas Grover, Palmetto Chapter, Shaw AFB
A1C Michelle Guilford, Dolomite Chapter, Aviano AB

2018 Scholarship Winners:

SrA Christopher Pollack, Dyess AFB, TX
TSgt Matthew McKissack, Dyess AFB, TX
TSgt Harley Davis, JBER, AK
Mr. Jeffrey Smith, Hill AFB, UT
1st Lt Dylan Lenoir, JBER, AK
1st Lt Kaylie Braun, Beale AFB, CA

2017 Scholarship Winners:

A1C Vance Boswell, Joint Base Charleston, SC
SSgt David Correa, Dyess AFB, TX
SSgt Jose Ruiz, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI
Capt Charles Crooks, Jr, Joint Base Charleston, SC

2016 Scholarship Winners:

TSgt Nicholas Puskarich $3,000, Wright Brothers Chapter
SSgt Kwadralyn Townsend $2,000, Lone Star Chapter
Mr Stoni Warwick  $2,000, Wright Brothers Chapter
SrA Elvis Eseh $2,000, Tidewater Chapter
Ms Tiffany Farris $1,000, Wright Brothers Chapter
SrA Brandon Zepeda $1,000, Lone Star Chapter

2015 Scholarship Winners:

Ms. Deanna Myers
SSgt Matthew Grave
SrA Nicole Dorland
SrA Alexander Basila

2014 Scholarship Winners:

GS-12, Delvyn DesChamps $2,000
SSgt, Robert Folle $2,000
SrA, Richard Saathoff $2,000
GS-07, Jason Davis $1,500
SrA, Mark Peterson $1,500
SrA, Matthew Reynaud $1,500

2013 Scholarship Winners:

MSgt Russell Hanson
MSgt Kristen Chapman
TSgt David Sanchez
SSgt Nathan Carlson
SrA Dwight Patterson
A1C Tyler English

We challenge EVERY LOA chapter to nominate at least one deserving Airman and this includes our civilians, Airmen, NCOs, or junior officers.

As you can appreciate, this year has been filled with challenges for LOA and across our Air Force. Know this, LOA stands committed to creating future logistics leaders. Now more than ever, we need to stand together and lead our Airmen. As we reshape LOA and our Air Force, we must stand tall and send a clear message that education, mentoring and leadership all matter. This is the “secret” of logistics and maintenance, no matter the challenge we find a way forward with the ingenuity of our Airmen to accomplish our mission–no excuses and no shortage of hard work. In short, loggies don’t give-up that easy. Be part of the effort to create the next generation and select your Chapter scholarship nominees.

Please vet and submit your submissions IAW the attached LOA Guidance-3 directly to vp@loanational.org no later than 31 October 2022.  Make a scholarship donation.