National Distinguished Service Award

The General George T. Babbitt National Distinguished Service Award recognizes up to three LOA National members who made the greatest contributions to the furthering of LOA National’s goals and objectives during previous year.

General Babbitt was commissioned in 1965 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of Washington. He trained as an aircraft maintenance officer and served as officer in charge of fighter flight lines in the United States, the Pacific and Europe. He twice commanded aircraft maintenance squadrons and was deputy commander for maintenance of a European F-15 wing.

General Babbitt retired on 1 June 2000 as commander of the Air Force Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. His assignments include director of the Defense Logistics Agency at Fort Belvoir, Va, deputy chief of staff for logistics, Headquarters U.S. Air Force; deputy director for materiel management, Defense Logistics Agency; director of supply, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, and director of logistics for both Headquarters Air Training Command and Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe.


Lt Col Robert D. Campbell


Capt Lisa McCarthy
Capt Jackie Lockett
Lt Chloe Hohman


Maj Holly Gramkow
Ms. Lynda Lowin
Capt Evan Hanson


Maj Evin Greensfelder
Ms. Jennifer Fletcher


Capt Jared “Boyd” Stewart


Capt Ryan VanArtsdalen
Capt Daniel Boeke

Brad Leonard
Capt Tyner Apt

Maj Dara Hobbs (LOA)
Capt Shawna Matthys (AOA)
Capt Richard Hanberg (AOA)

Capt Carrie Kerner
1Lt David Loska

Lt Col Rich Fletcher
Maj Steve LeBlanc

Lt Col Timothy Gillaspie
Capt James Harris

Ms. Lynn Arias
Capt Abbi Johnson

Mr. Dave Miller

Maj Greg Lowe

Col (Ret) Bob Drewitt

Colonel Dennis Daley

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Dyess

Brig Gen Art Cameron III

Maj Jeff Martin

Lt Col Doug Cato
Ms. Wendy Kinsley Yonce

Major Mike Dailey

Capt Dave Goode

Capt Randy Schwinler
Maj Rob Bandstra

Col Carmen Mezzacappa
Lt Col Tracy Smiedendorf

Lt Col Richard Schwing
Maj Kevin Sampels

Col Jim Hass
Col (Ret) Joanne M. Flanigan
Col (Ret) Mark Roddy
Lt Col Reggie Hall
Lt Col (Ret) Diana E. Francois

Lt Col Rob Belknap
Lt Col James Hannon
Maj Julie Plummer
Capt JD DuVall
Capt Stephanie Halcrow
Capt Dana Pelletier

Col Kent Mueller
Col Jeff Snyder
Lt Col Vic Wager
Capt Brad Garcia
Capt George Sherwood
Ms. Deborah Pauly
Capt Brian Fox
Col (Ret) Jim Maher
Capt Ben Davis

Chapter Distinguished Service Award

The Chapter Distinguished Service Award (CDSA) is named after Maj Gen Mary L. Saunders (Ret) and recognizes the National LOA members who made the greatest contributions in support of their local LOA Chapter activities. Each active LOA Chapter President (or chapter senior advisor in the rank of Col or above) may nominate one of their chapter members for the Maj Gen Mary L. Saunders award.

Maj. Gen. Mary L. Saunders retired 1 Oct 2005 as the Vice Director, Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir, Va. The agency provides to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and other federal agencies, a variety of logistics, acquisition and technical services in peacetime and war. These services include logistics information; materiel management; procurement; warehousing and distribution of spare parts, food, clothing, medical supplies and fuel; reutilization of surplus military materiel; and document automation and production. Ap proximately 23,300 civilian and military personnel perform this worldwide mission.


Capt Louis Bernal


Capt Jackson Magdefrau


Lt Eric Draudt


Lt Col Jerry Ottinger


Capt Katherine Brugler


1Lt Charles Apt
2Lt Mitchel Hughes
Capt Rachel Weiler

1Lt Nicholas Hufnagel
Maj Kevin Walton
Capt Christina Salinas

Major Vanessa Nichols – Lightning Chapter
Mr. Jim Marsh – Wright Brothers Chapter

Capt Jason Loucks (Tinker)

1st Lt Brin Anderson (Travis)
Capt Tyner Morales (Moody)

Capt Joshua Paluch
Lt Jordan Passmore

Maj Andrew Hackleman
Maj Timothy Dodson
Mr Richard Bliss

Maj John Adams
1st Lt Robert Berry
1st Lt Ashley Maddox

Lt Col Lawrence “Ley” Havird
Mr. Bradley J. Leonard

Col Richard Schwing
Capt Ernest Cage

Maj James McArthur

Lt Col Tom Sadlo
Lt Col Rodney Mason

Capt Heather Cooley
Lt Sean Bojanowski
Lt Philip Rozenski

Capt Kevin Kudrna
Lt Col Deb Meserve
Ms Deb Tharp

Maj Timothy Petitt
Maj Eugene (Gene) Carter
Capt Debra Perry

Maj Gen Mary L. Saunders
Maj David Dutcher
Maj Kathy Goforth
Capt JD DuVall

Jondavid “JD” DuVall Servant Leader Award

The Jondavid DuVall Servant Leader Award is presented to the individual who has demonstrated a persistent, impactful and passionate commitment to the Logistics Officer Association (LOA) and Logistics community, as a whole. This person contributes meaningfully to LOA and the whole of government logistics enterprise throughout the year, demonstrates selflessness, encourages team building, and inspires excellence, innovativeness, and dedication to advancing LOA and the Logistics community.

Lt Gen Gene Kirkland, USAF (Ret)

Acquisition Professionals of the Year Awards

The Acquisition Officer Association is proud to sponsor three awards recognizing two of our outstanding acquisition professionals as well as AOA chapter of the year. These awards are given to those that have personified the three pillars of AOA (network, educate, and mentor) to the maximum extent possible while fostering an environment of innovation within the acquisition workforce and their communities.

Mr. Dylan Dalton, Robins AFB – Civilian Acquisition Professional of the Year
Capt Paul Goolsby, Tinker AFB – Military Acquisition Professional of the Year

Chapter of the Year Awards

Each officially-recognized LOA Chapter with at least 10 active National Members may submit a nomination package. There are 3 categories of this award, Large, Medium and Small. On July 1st of each calendar year, LOA National will calculate chapter membership and this will be emailed to all chapter leaders so they know which category their chapter will be competing in.

  • The Large Chapter of the Year award is named after Lt Gen Donald J. Wetekam.
  • The Medium Chapter of the Year award is named after Ms. Deb Tune.
  • The Small Chapter of the Year award is named after Col James L. Hass.
  • Acquisition Chapter of the Year award


First State Chapter, Dover AFB – Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Sir Winston Churchill Chapter, RAF Mildenhall – Medium Chapter of the Year (Mrs. Deb Tune Award)
Crossroads Chapter, Tinker AFB – Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)


Kitty Hawk Chapter, Seymour Johnson AFB – Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Gateway Chapter, Scott AFB – Medium Chapter of the Year (Mrs. Deb Tune Award)
Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Hill AFB – Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)


Kitty Hawk Chapter, Seymour Johnson AFB – Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Air Capital Chapter, McConnell AFB – Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Hill AFB – Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)


Lt Gen Leo Marquez Chapter, Kirtland AFB – Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Sonoran Chapter, Luke AFB – Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Hill AFB – Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)


Lightning Chapter, MacDill AFB – Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Northern Lights Chapter, JB Elmendorf – Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Hill AFB – Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)


Lone Star Chapter, Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Northern Lights Chapter, Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Wright Brothers Chapter, Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)
Trailblazer Chapter, Robins AFB, Acquisition Chapter of the Year (AOA Award)

Sonoran Chapter, Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Northern Lights Chapter, Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Crossroads Chapter, Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)

Lt Gen Leo Marquez Chapter, Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Rainier Chapter, Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Wright Brothers Chapter, Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)

Moody Flying Tigers Chapter, Small Chapter of the Year (Col Hass Award)
Hill Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Medium Chapter of the Year (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Tinker Crossroads Chapter, Large Chapter of the Year (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)

Moody Flying Tigers Chapter, Small Chapter (Col Hass Award)
Hill Wasatch Warrior Chapter, Medium Chapter (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
JBLE (Langley) Tidewater Chapter, Large Chapter Lt Gen Wetekam Award)

Charleston Globemaster Chapter, Small Chapter (Col Hass Award)
DLA Fort Belvoir Mount Vernon Chapter, Medium Chapter (Ms. Deb Tune Award)
Wright-Patterson Wright Brothers Chapter, Large Chapter (Lt Gen Wetekam Award)

Maj Gen Marcelite Harris Trailblazer Awards

Any individual or team from military, government, civilian, academic, or industry that has developed an innovative idea or solution within or supporting the Air Force Logistics enterprise. Illustrate the nomination’s “trailblazing character” by describing how the innovation improved or benefited an aspect of the Logistics enterprise. Innovative ideas and solutions can be from any sector or category and include (not all inclusive): maintenance, deployment, distribution, transportation, life-cycle logistics, retail or wholesale supply chain management, sustainment planning and delivery/execution, information technology, cyber security, systems research and development, systems testing, resource planning and investment as well as government policy and corporate governance.


  • Military Government Team: 51 MXS, Osan AB, Republic of Korea
  • Small Business Team: 14BIS Supply Tracking, Patrick SFB, FL


  • Military Government Team: 20 CMS Egress Team – MSgt Adam Peil, TSgt Brian Darnell, and TSgt (ret) Christopher Johnston
  • Small Business Team: Non-Commissioned Officer Inclusive Leadership Excellence (NILE), Kirtland AFB – Dr. Bradley Brezinski, Mr. Kevin Norman, Mr. Mike Buckner, Mr. Matt Bachelor, Ms. Kristin Carter, Lt Col Scott Ruppel, Lt Col Lisa Stokey, Maj Sam Oldham, CMSgt Billy Duncan, and CMSgt William Cates


  • Military Government Team: Saber Spark Cell (TSgt Matthew Connelly, MSgt Brianna Miller, MSgt Jason Yunker, MSgt Timothy Peters, SMSgt Brent Kenny, SSgt Ryan Amador, TSgt Anthony Cicchino, TSgt Eric Stoner, SSgt Fidel Perz, TSgt Jessie Leuschel, and SSgt David Brozovsky) – Spangdahlem AB
  • Military Individual Award: MSgt Ashley McCarthy, Seymour Johnson AFB
  • Government Civilian Individual Award: Jay Breyer, Tesseract LNO
  • Academic Team: Ohio State University (OSU) Metamorphic Manufacturing – (Dr. Glenn Daehn, Capt Justin Pilant, 1st Lt Eric Draudt)
  • Small Business Team: Stanford’s Hacking 4 Defense with 4 LRS (SJAFB) – (Jordi Vila Hernandez de Lorenzo, Jack Hochschild, Jeff Jang, 1st Lt Sara Loveless, MSgt Ashley McCarthy, and Dilan Nana)
  • Industry Team (Mid to Large) Joint Award Winners: Dynepic Inc (Krissa Watry) & AETC/A9 Det 23 (Maj Jesse Johnson, Capt Paulina Morales, CMSgt Christopher Vaughan, SMSgt Aaron Williams, SMSgt Thomas Crider, MSgt Dustin Smith, MSgt Jason Farrell, TSgt Casey Michaski, SSgt Kevin Lassen, SSgt Renee Scherf, Ms. Jessica Gonzalez, Ms. Riva Dumas-Ogletree)


Military Team – 58 MXG Innovation Team

Individual – Lt Matthew Carpenter, AFRL

Industry Team (Joint Military / Industry) – AFRL DOGTAG & AEGIS (Digitally Optimized Geospatial & Tactical Airfield (DOGTAG))

Mr. Matthew Paulini (AFRL, DOGTAG), Mr. Alex Andrekanic (AFRL, DOGTAG), 1Lt Justin Davis (AFRL, DOGTAG), 1Lt Matt Carpenter (AFRL, DOGTAG), 1Lt Matt Czyznik (AFRL, DOGTAG), Mr. Michael Courtney (AEGIS, Co-Mentor, AMC/A4TI), CMSgt Kevin Brown (AEGIS, Co-Mentor, AFIMSC), SMSgt Darlene Clement (AEGIS “JI JOE” & “ATLAS” Product Owner), TSgt Travis Alton (AEGIS “RHINO” & “KENNEL” Product Owner), TSgt Landon Jensen (AEGIS “RAMA” & “LASSI” Product Owner), Mr. Ira Hearen (AEGIS “CANINE” Product Owner), MSgt Dan Houde (AEGIS “CANIS” Product Owner), SMSgt Nathan Barlow (AEGIS Core Member), SMSgt Jeremy Starr (AEGIS Core Member), SMSgt Brian Leach (AEGIS Core Member, ANG), MSgt Peter Alice-Correa (AEGIS Core Member, AF Reserve), Industry Performers/Contractors: Stonewall Defense LLC, Technergetics LLC, PAR Government, Raytheon BBN Technologies, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), Inclusion of contractors does not reflect an endorsement by the US Gov / US Air Force.


Military Team Category:
20 CMS Egress Flight, Shaw AFB for the Super Seat Raise initiative.

Small Business Team Category:
D3 Air and Space Operations, Inc. for the D3 Asset Management Program (AMP)

Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize members of the Logistics Officer Association who have demonstrated sustained superior leadership in service to this organization. The award is named after Lt Gen Michael E. Zettler. The nominees for this award will have at least 20 years of service in a logistics-related career and also at least 10 years of membership in the LOA. Each LOA Chapter president and LOA Executive Committee member may submit a nominee for this award.

Lt. Gen. Michael E. Zettler (Ret) was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Logistics, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. General Zettler (Ret) was responsible to the Chief of Staff for leadership, management and integration of Air Force civil engineering, communications operations, services, supply, transportation, maintenance, and munitions policies and resourcing to enhance productivity and combat readiness while improving quality of life for Air Force people.


Lt Gen Linda Hurry, Deputy Commander, Air Force Materiel Command

Col Kevin Sampels, USAF (Ret)


Ms. Leigh Method, SES, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics


Mrs. Mae Krier, one of the youngest of the original ‘Rosie the Riveters’

Donald E. “Gene” Kirkland, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Steven J. Morani, SES, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics


Ms. Pam Valdez
Lt Gen (Ret) John B. Cooper


Ms. Lorna Estep, SES
Col (Retired) Jeffrey Decker


Maj Gen (Ret) David P. Gillet
Brig Gen (Ret) Evan Miller
Lt Col (Ret) Donna Parry

Lt Col Chris Boring
Lt Gen (Ret) Judith A. Fedder
Lt Gen (Ret) Loren M. Reno
Ms. Debra K. Tune, SES Retired

Maj Gen (Ret) Kevin J. Sullivan

Lt Gen (ret) Don Wetekam

Maj Gen (ret) Robert McMahon

Maj Gen (ret) Kathleen D. Close
Lt Col (ret) Jondavid M. Duvall

Brig Gen (ret) Art Cameron

Col (ret) Lori Hill
Col (ret) Luke Gill

Lt Gen (ret) Terry Gabreski
Maj Gen (ret) Lew Curtis
Mr. Hector Gavilla

Col (ret) Mary Parker

Col (ret) Richard Stocchetti
Col (ret) James Hannon

Maj Gen Arthur Morrill
Col (ret) Mark Roddy

Col (ret) Geary Wallace
Col (ret) Kent Mueller

Col (ret) Rick Dugan
Col (ret) Diana Francois
Col (ret) Denny Portz

Col (ret) Jim Hass
Col (ret) Joanne Flanigan

Lt Gen Michael E. Zettler
Lt Gen (ret) Leo Marquez
Col Carmen Mezzacappa
Lt Col (ret) Ray Reed

The Major General Hugh J Knerr Exceptional Author Award


Field Grade Officer:

  • Winner: Maj Michael Kravitz, “Agile Combat Employment – Airpower’s 5th Generation Leviathan” – Symposium 2023
  • Honorable Mention: Lt Col James Morrison, “A Change of Heart: How Theory of Constraints Can Be a Transformational Phenomenon on the Flightline” – Spring 2023

Company Grade Officer:

  • Winner: Capt Daniel Johnston, Capt Patrick Milward, Mr. Joseph Neubauer, Capt Josh Antinone, SMSgt Micah Crumbley, Maj Marcus Perez, and SMSgt Joshua Bemis, “The Progress of Dover’s Mission Generation Group” – Fall 2023
  • Honorable Mention: 1st Lt Eric Draudt, “The Case for an Advanced Intermediate Manufacturing (AIM) Facility: Leveraging Manufacturing Technology of the Future, Now” – Spring 2023


  • Winner: Ms. Amber Greene and Ms. Kristin Carter, “NILE: Preventing Suicide in the Military Through Inclusive Leadership and a Culture of Connection” – Symposium 2023
  • Honorable Mention: Dr. Brad Anderson and Mr. Rich Moore, “You Need CSPEC and CSPEC Needs You!” – Winter 2023


Field Grade Officer:

  • Winner: Lt Col Michael Lasher’s editorial commentary, “Why ACE Will Fail Before It Ever Begins… And It’s Not Logistics,” Winter 2022

Company Grade Officer:

  • Winner: Capt David Sage, “Advancing Additive Manufacturing: Leveraging 70 Years of Know-How at OC-ALC,” Symposium 2022
  • Honorable Mention: 2d Lt Benjamin Miller and MSgt Benjamin Johnis, “Leveraging Sustainable Options to Achieve Cost Savings in a Military Supply Chain,” Summer 2022


  • Winner: Mr. Tim Patterson, MSgt Fredrick Burke, MSgt Marquis Thomas, and Mr. Jason Smedley, “AVID: Automated Vehicle Integrated Data-Exchange,” Symposium 2022
  • Honorable Mention: Ms. Diana Salinas Bednara, “Getting the Most Out of LOA Symposium Attendance,” Winter 2022


  • Winner: SSgt Lauren Rogers, “The Paradox of Inventory in Readiness-Based Organizations,” Summer 2022


Field Grade Officer:

  • Winner: Lt Col Lucas Choate, “Failure is not an Option: Changing the Paradigm on Air Force Logistics”, Spring 2021
  • Honorable Mention: Maj John P. Ouellet, III, “The Combat Logistics Squadron: A Case for a New Tactical Logistics Unit”, Fall 2021

Company Grade Officer:

  • Winner: Capt Carissa Dobbin, “A Peek Behind the Pegasus”, Spring 2021
  • HM: Capt Frank Marquette and Lt Col Tim Breirbach, “Home for the Holidays: AFSOC’s Dilemma, Lengthening Deployments, and the Most Valuable Resource of Our Most Valuable Resource”, Fall 2021


  • Winner: Christopher A. Monsey, “Intellectual Property (IP) Strategies in Major System Acquisitions: What Are We Missing?”, Fall 2021
  • HM: Jerry C. Stonecipher, Ryan S. Fisher, and George E. Bailey, “Leading During a Pandemic, the Commanders’ Perspective”, Summer 2021


  • Winner: MSgt Justin M. Mirante, “The FRAM Project (EWI Insight to Industry Report)”, Winter 2021


  • Field Grade Officer Category Winner: Maj Mary Stanton, “Innovating the Flightline of Today” (Summer 2020)
  • FGO Honorable Mentions:
    • Maj Evin Page Greensfelder, “FGS: A Simple Solution to C2, Mission Generation, and Increased Focus on Airmen” (Summer 2020)
    • Lt Col Joseph D. Langan, “Changing Times, Changing Minds: An Argument For Evolution Within Air Force Field-Level Maintenance” (Fall 2019)
  • Company Grade Officer Category Winner: Capt Christopher McLeod & Capt Susan McLeod, “Log Readiness: Preparing Logisticians for Near-Peer Threat”, Spring 2020
  • CGO Honorable Mentions:
    • Capt Kristy Leachman, “Standardizing the Unpredictable: Restructuring and Revitalizing USAF Readiness” (Spring 2020)
    • Capt Kori Lynn Johnson, “Dare to Change: Safety and Maintenance Culture” (Fall 2020)
  • Civilian Category Winner: Mr. Jeff Slayton, “Innovation in Sustainment, Business Processes Represent the Largest Opportunity for Innovation” (Winter 2020)
  • Enlisted Category Winner: MSgt Scott R. Thiels, “Factoring Fatigue into an Aircraft Maintenance System” (Fall 2019)


  • CGO Award Winner – Capt Jason Leighton, Combatting Counterfeit Parts in the DOD Supply Chain, Spring 2019
  • FGO Award Winners – Maj Timothy Breitbach and Dr. Daniel Steeneck, Resilient Sustainment, Spring 2019
  • Civilian Award Winner – Mr. Karl Kuwik, Navy Harnesses Untapped Depot Potential with AFIT CCPM Course – LOG 238, Spring 2019


  • Field Grade Officer Category: Maj Jeff Newcamp, Active Fleet Management for an Aging Air Force
  • Company Grade Officer Category: Capt Philip Lere, Theoretical Framework for Building Logistics Enterprise Confidence in Partner Forces: The Afghan Case
  • Civilian Category: Linda Szabo, Capt Travis Hollin, Gene Matthew, Mobility Air Forces (MAF) Logistics Capability Gap and a Vision for the Future


  • Field Grade Officer Category: Lt Col William Kossick & Lt Col Matthew Douglas, Developing and Advising Afghan Air Force Sustainment Capability: Four Axioms of Air Advisors
  • Company Grade Officer Category: Capt Jason Castleberry, Lessons Learned during Lieutenantship
  • Civilian Category: Mr. Andrew Dingee, A Marine’s Story of Aircraft Woes and How Augmented and Virtual Technology Can Help.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mr. Branden Copeland, KC-135 Programmed Depot Maintenance Structures Gate: Peace Through Superior Processes!
  • Capt Daniel Dale, Simplicity: Logistics Lessons From a Refugee Camp
  • Maj James Chevalier, Michael Pasaretti, and Alexis Greenwood, Repair Network Integration: Hydraulic Product Repair Group Metrics


  • Ms. Pam Valdez, Maj Gen Warren Berry, and Lt Col Liz Clay, KC-46A Tanker Increases Maintenance Efficiency
  • Captain Brint Ingersoll, “Shifting the Bottleneck: Logistics Lessons from Nepal
  • Major Jonathon E. Menashi, “Training the Joint Loggie: Enabling Global Agility Across the Joint Logistics Enterprise”


  • Field Grade Officer Category: Lt Col Tim Pettit & CMSgt Brian Tobin, Strategic management throughout a Weapon System’s Life Cycle: The Case for Supply Chain Resilience (Winter 2014)
  • Company Grade Officer Category: Capt Russell Williams, Organic Airlift vs MILAUG: What’s the Score? (Spring 2015)
  • Civilian Category: Ms. Kimberly Woodruff, Back into the Blue: The B-52 Regeneration Project (Spring 2015)
  • Honorable Mention: TSgt Richard Liveoak, AFSO21 Event for Osan’s A-10 Phase Dock (Winter 2014)


  • Field Grade Officer Category: Major Michael Boswell, Spring 2014, Leading in a New Era of Fiscal Change
  • Company Grade Officer Category: Captain Dan Whalen, Spring 2014, Continuous Process Improvement in a Complex Environment
  • Civilian Category: Mr. Steven Morani and Mr. Bill Black, Winter 2013, Evolving Maintenance Data Sharing to fully Support the Joint Logistics Enterprise
  • Honorable Mention: MSgt Chad Ohr, Winter 2013, Vehicle Fuels Inspections of the Future