Fellow Acquirers!

Exciting news; attached is the inaugural Acquisitions Officer Association
(AOA) Newsletter! The intent for this newsletter is to share the AOA
strategic objectives, chapter successes, and major events. This newsletter
is being released to chapter leadership as well as some of our Senior
Mentors/Champions who supported AOA over the past year.

It’s been roughly 10 months since AOA was conceptualized in November 2014.
The organization started with a conversation between a 21X Maintainer and a
6X Acquirer regarding career field development, the criticality of
micro/macro networking, and how to share our unique experiences and
knowledge with each other. AOA has leveraged the successes of its sister
organization, the Logistics Officer Association (LOA), and has expanded to
support eight installations across the country. Because of your support, we
are facilitating the professional development of our career fields and
expanding our acquisitions network.

Please, feel free to share this newsletter with our fellow acquirers. Also,
if your chapter has success stories that need to be highlighted in the next
edition, send them our way!

Capt Shawna Matthys and I will both be attending the LOA/AOA Symposium in
October. Please, feel free to look us up if you’re able to attend. The
agenda is packed with topics which link directly into our mission as combat

Also, if you have the opportunity to attend RATPAC IV at Wright-Patterson,
I’m sure you will run into other AOA members there.

I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you!


AOA National Representative

ref:  https://atloa.org/wp-content/uploads/AOANewsletterSep2015FirstEdition.pdf