The Logistics Officer Association draws its heritage from the Maintenance Officer Association, which was founded in 1982. The Exceptional Release began as the organization’s professional journal in 1989.

As the Air Force reduced the barriers between the logistics disciplines in the late 90s, the MOA membership voted to become a Logistics Officer Association (LOA) effective 1 May 1999. This change welcomed officers from Supply, Transportation, Logistics Plans, and Contracting to be full members of the Association. LOA officially recognized Munitions as a separate logistics discipline in 1999 with the expansion of the 21M AFSC.  Acquisition and technology officers and Government Civilians serving in positions across the Department of Defense were officially recognized in 2009.

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YearPast PresidentsPast National Conferences
1982Lt Col Larry Matthews 
1983Lt Col Luke GillNewport News, Virginia
1984Lt Col Luke Gill 
1985Lt Col Ed MoitozaCrystal City, Virginia
1986Col Reginald Jones 
1987Lt Col Raymond ReedSan Antonio, Texas
1988Lt Col Raymond ReedSan Antonio, Texas
1989Lt Col Brian D. Grady 
1990Lt Col Brian D. Grady 
1991Lt Col Donald J. WetekamWashington, D.C.
1992Lt Col Donald J. WetekamWashington, D.C.
1993Col Mark B. RoddyTinker AFB, Oklahoma
1994Col Mark B. RoddyTinker AFB, Oklahoma
1995Col Michael E. ZettlerSan Antonio, Texas
1996Col David R. ZorichTinker AFB, Oklahoma
1997Col Richard L StocchettiHurlburt AFB, Florida
1998Col Richard L StocchettiOgden, Utah
1999Col James L. HassNorfolk, Virginia
2000Col James L. HassPhoenix, Arizona
2001Col Richard A. DuganAtlanta, Georgia (canceled)
2002Col Richard A. DuganWashington, DC (20th Anniv.)
2003Col Carmen MezzacappaOklahoma City, OK
2004Col Carmen MezzacappaLas Vegas, NV
2005Brig Gen (S) Art CameronAtlanta, GA
2005Col Philip WaringAtlanta, GA
2006Col Philip WaringSan Antonio, TX
2007Col Rick MatthewsWashington, DC
 Lt Col Evan MillerWashington, DC
2008Col Evan MillerColumbus, OH
2009Col Doug CatoLas Vegas, NV
2010Col Doug CatoOrlando, Fl
2011Col Tom MillerFt Worth, Texas
2012Col Tom MillerWashington, DC
2013Col Emily BuckmanVirtual
2014Col Emily BuckmanWashington, DC
2015Col Emily BuckmanWashington, DC
2016Dennis DabneyNational Harbor, MD
2017Dennis DabneyNational Harbor, MD (35th Anniversary)
2018Carol HowitzOklahoma City, OK
2019Carol HowitzOklahoma City, OK
2020Scott FikeLOAU Virtual – Salt Lake City, UT
2021Scott FikeLOA Virtual – Salt Lake City, UT
2022Col Jason KalinLOA Hybrid – Salt Lake City, UT
2023Col Jason KalinLOA – St Louis, MO
Original Founders
1Lt Col Larry Matthews – Founding President
2Lt Col Jay Bennett
3Maj John Covi
4Maj Dave Csintyan
5Col Charles Cunningham
6Maj John N. Edenfield, Jr. – Founding Treasurer
7Lt Col Bill James
8Lt Col Frank Murphy
9Col Ron Walker
10Col Dick Watson
Original Charter Members – May 27, 1982
1Col Thomas Bainbridge, HQ SAC/LGMT
2Maj Dennis Beck, AFISC/SE, Norton
3Lt Col Jay Bennett, 62 MAW, McChord
4Maj Bob Bishop, HQ AFLC MA/EX
5Maj Art Briggs, HQ USAF/LEYY
6Lt Col David Butler, HQ PACAF/LGM
7Capt Meighan Chisholm, USAF/LEYM
8Maj John Covi, 4235 STS, Carswell
9Maj Dave Csintyan, AFMPC, Randolph
10Col Charles Cunningham, 3205 MA, Eglin
11Lt Col Bill Dillon, HQ AFRES/LGMM
12Maj Robert Drewitt, AFLMC/LGM, Gunter
13Maj John Edenfield, HQ USAF/LEYM
14Col Donald Edwards, HQ PACAF/IG
15Col Jack Elle, HQ USAF/LEYW
16Maj Paul Fox, 3205 LOG GP, Eglin
17Capt Allie Gilbert, HQ PACAF/IG
18Lt Col Luke Gill, HQ USAF/LEYW
19Capt Fred Graham, HQ USAF/LEYM
20Col Larry Grimard, HQ USAF/LEYM
21Capt John Hammes, HQ MAC/LGMM
22Maj David Helms, 33 EMS, Eglin
23Maj Lykes Henderson, HQ USAF/LEYY
24Lt Col Bill James, HQ TAC/LGQ
25Capt Larry Kays, HQ USAFE/LGM
26Lt Col Rodney Kontny, 81 TFW/MA, Bentwaters
27Maj Peter Larsen, 4235 STS, Carswell
28Capt Lisa Long, 401 AGS, Torrejon
29Lt Col Larry Matthews, HQ USAF/LEYM
30Maj Bill McDonald, HQ USAF/LEYY
31Lt Col James Miles, 56 TTW/MA, MacDill
32Maj David Miller, AFISC/IGBM
33Lt Col Jere Miller, HQ USAF/LEYY
34Maj Larry Miller, HQ AFRES/LGMM
35Lt Col Guy Morgan, HQ USAF/LEYY
36Col (Ret) C. D. Murphy, Jr., Northrop
37Lt Col Frank Murphy, OO-ALC/MAN
38Lt Col Max Noble, 92 BW, Fairchild
39Col John Nowak, 474 TFW/MA, Nellis
40Lt Col John Paganoni, HQ USAF/LEYY
41Lt Col Larry Parent, HQ USAF/LEYY
42Maj Doug Polk, HQ USAF/LEYY
43Maj Michael Price, RAF Exchange Program
44Lt Col Tommy Richardson, 37 TFW/MA, George
45Capt Nancy Shefflette, HQ MAC/LGE
46Lt Col Dwight Shuler, HQ USAF/LEYY
47Capt Robert Sloan, 4756 AGS, Tyndall
48Capt Wayne Smith, HQ TAC/IG
49Maj Mahlon Stief, 433TAW (AFRES), Kelly
50Lt Col Frank Todd, HQ USAFE/LGMP
51Maj Bill Townsend, HQ USAF/IG
52Capt Richard Wagner, OO-ALC/MMSFR
53Col James Wakefield, 92BW/MA, Fairchild
54Col Ron Walker, HQ USAF/LEYY
55Maj Geary Wallace, HQ ATC/LGMA
56Maj Jack Warner, HQ TAC/LGM
57Col Dick Watson, 41RW/LG, McClellan
58Maj Charles Westfall, 52 EMS/CC, Spangdahlem
59Maj Al Wood, 4EMS, Seymour Johnson
60Maj Walter Worley, HQ USAF/LEX