Logistics Officer Association
Approved for Public Release – Evan Hanson, Chief Information Officer

The Logistics Officer Association is pleased to announce that voting for the next President and Chief Financial Officer is currently open to the membership via email. We’re thrilled to introduce the following individuals as candidates for leadership of the Logistics Officer Association. This year, we asked out nominees for President to provide personal statements that describe why they are interested in the position, their qualifications for the role, and their vision for the organization. Their statements and bios are provided below.


  • Col Kellie Courtland (bio)
  • Col Jason Okumura (bio)

Chief Financial Officer

  • Maj Joshua McNelly (bio)

Voting will remain open until 17 February 2024 and the results will be announced at #LOA2024. Please contact cio@loanational.org with any questions, or concerns.