Logistics Officer Association
Approved for Public Release – Evan Hanson, Chief Information Officer

The 2023 LogR Leadership Summit connected logistics readiness leaders from across the Air Force for discussions on Agile Combat Employment, Multi-Capable Airmen and more.

By Lt Col Brian Campbell & Capt Erika Chapman

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and evolving global dynamics, the significance of an efficient and agile logistics readiness force cannot be overstated. From 25 to 28 July, over 300 logistics leaders, experts, and innovators converged on the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio for the highly anticipated 2023 Logistics Readiness Leadership Summit. This event provided a platform for the logistics community to share insights and strategies on enabling air power projection, conducting logistics under attack (LUA), and sustaining operations across the enterprise.

LogR Summit attendees had opportunities throughout the event to network with peers from across the logistics community. US Air Force photo courtesy of Capt Erika Chapman.

A central theme of the summit was logistics’ role in deterring today’s pacing threats. Day one included briefings on Russia and the People’s Republic of China, as well as operational imperatives #5, #7, and LUA. The day rounded out with the Air Force Force Generation model, the XAB A-Staff Construct, Multi-Capable Airmen, and Innovation.

Days two and three shifted to panels. Senior logistics readiness leaders and operational logisticians across the globe participated in a series of open forum discussions that highlighted the evolution of logistics in response to threats in a rapidly changing world. The Force Generation Panel shared how the total force is shaping the future of logistics readiness. From embracing emerging mission command to fostering a resilient and well-trained force. Agile Combat Employment and Multi-Capable Airman panels showcased MAJCOM perspectives on their organize, train, equip, and execute missions.  Operational officers, enlisted and civilian leaders highlighted current efforts in the field and our Airmen’s’ ability to logistically support every mission, every aircraft, and every operation no matter what the conditions.

As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of dynamic operations the insights and strategies presented at the LogR Summit will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of logistics. The summit demonstrated that the logistics community can rise to the challenges of being multi-capable and adaptive while capitalizing on innovative opportunities.

During the final day of the LogR Summit attendees heard two senior leaders share their thoughts on near peer conflict, characteristics of leaders, and our collective challenge to become an agile force, ready to compete now and win in any conflict.

Maj Gen David Sanford, AMC/A4, shared a senior leader’s perspective on the event. US Air Force photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Oriez.

Brigadier General Sean Tyler, DLA-A/CC, captured the importance of logisticians keeping aircraft in the air and the role that plays in agile combat employment. He discussed how units impact weapon system availability and some of the fleet challenges we must overcome.  Finally, Brig Gen Tyler shared leadership lessons and several books that impacted his perspective as a logistician.

Major General David Sanford, AMC/A4, spoke about AMC’s Mobility Guardian exercise and the culture of what to expect in conflict.  He talked through numerous logistics challenges such as Class III, Fuels, distribution and Class IX, Repair Parts, availability.  He challenged the audience to think about solutions and strategies to overcome these challenges.  Finally, Maj Gen Sanford noted the necessity of readying our airmen and ourselves for peer conflict at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of war.

The LogR Summit concluded with Maj Gen Sanford recognizing the 2022 annual LogR individual and unit award winners for their exceptional contributions to the community. These logisticians distinguished themselves by significantly contributing to their organization’s mission, finding innovative ways to manage resources, and taking the initiative to enhance the quality of life for their units and in their communities.

The 2023 LogR Summit featured numerous logistics professionals responsible for planning and executing complex operations, adapting to dynamic situations, and ensuring the smooth flow of resources. These members are continuously developing the skills crucial to producing a logistics enterprise that navigates the challenges of an ever-evolving operational environment.

Air Force logistics is the unseen force that propels airpower to new heights. It ensures missions are successful, and personnel are supported. From supply chain management and transportation to human capital development, every facet of Air Force logistics plays a vital role in upholding readiness and capabilities. As the future promises even greater efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that we are ready remains as formidable as ever.

TSgt Anthony Dillier, a member of the 35 LRS, was recognized with his family as the 2022 LogR NCO of the Year.  US Air Force photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Oriez.