Congratulations to our 2020 LOA National award winners!  We are proud of their contributions to LOA and the greater Air Force mission, and look forward to celebrating their achievements at this year’s Virtual LOA Symposium, 30 Mar – 2 Apr, 2021.  Register for free today at

Lt Gen Zettler Lifetime Awards

  1. Ms. Pam Valdez, Boeing
  2. Lt Gen (Ret) John B. Cooper

Gen Babbitt National Distinguished Award

  1. Maj Evin Greensfelder, Shaw AFB
  2. Ms. Jennifer Fletcher, Guam AFB

Maj Gen Saunders Chapter Award

Lt Col Jerry Ottinger, Scott AFB

Lt Gen Wetekam Chapter of the Year Award (Large Chapter)

Hill AFB, Wasatch Warrior Chapter

Mrs. Tune Chapter of the Year Award (Medium Chapter)

Luke AFB, Sonoran Chapter

Col Hass Chapter of the Year Award (Small Chapter)

Kirtland AFB, Leo Marquez Chapter

Trailblazer Awards

Military Team –  58 MXG Innovation Team

TSgt Kenneth Edwards, SSgt Adam Parillo, SSgt Brandon Smith, TSgt Brandy Rainey, TSgt Jarred Rule, Ms. Jennifer Hall, Lt Andrew Wood, Mr. Ronald Taylor, TSgt Christian Garcia

Individual – Lt Matthew Carpenter, AFRL

Industry Team (Joint Military / Industry) – AFRL DOGTAG & AEGIS (Digitally Optimized Geospatial & Tactical Airfield (DOGTAG))

Mr. Matthew Paulini (AFRL, DOGTAG)

Mr. Alex Andrekanic (AFRL, DOGTAG)

1Lt Justin Davis (AFRL, DOGTAG)

1Lt Matt Carpenter (AFRL, DOGTAG)

1Lt Matt Czyznik (AFRL, DOGTAG)

Mr. Michael Courtney (AEGIS, Co-Mentor, AMC/A4TI)

CMSgt Kevin Brown (AEGIS, Co-Mentor, AFIMSC)

SMSgt Darlene Clement (AEGIS “JI JOE” & “ATLAS” Product Owner)

TSgt Travis Alton (AEGIS “RHINO” & “KENNEL” Product Owner)

TSgt Landon Jensen (AEGIS “RAMA” & “LASSI” Product Owner)

Mr. Ira Hearen (AEGIS “CANINE” Product Owner)

MSgt Dan Houde (AEGIS “CANIS” Product Owner)

SMSgt Nathan Barlow (AEGIS Core Member)

SMSgt Jeremy Starr (AEGIS Core Member)

SMSgt Brian Leach (AEGIS Core Member, ANG)

MSgt Peter Alice-Correa (AEGIS Core Member, AF Reserve)

Industry Performers/Contractors:

Stonewall Defense LLC

Technergetics LLC

PAR Government

Raytheon BBN Technologies

Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC)

Inclusion of contractors does not reflect an endorsement by the US Gov / US Air Force.