In continuing the push of our “Year of the Chapters” initiative, we have taken your feedback and changed how the old annual membership drive is done.  Rather than just a one-month membership drive a month or so before the annual symposium, we have made the membership more of a yearlong initiative to continue to bring new members into LOA. Now ALL chapters have a direct return on investment by recruiting new members and encouraging inactive members to renew. You can review the changes via LOA Guidance 8, but below are a few highlights:

1.  The LOA Membership Officer will take a snapshot of the entire active membership roster on 1 October. Chapters are then categorized (see below) to calculate the monetary rewards they are provided as a return on membership investment. The purpose is to incentivize new members to sign up, current members to renew, and encourage individuals to update their membership profiles.  Chapter representatives are encouraged to engage with their members to ensure these incentives are realized.

• 6-9 members ($50)

• 10-14 members ($75)

• 15-19 members ($100)

• 20+ members ($150)

• Lrge, Med, Small “Chapter of the Year” Award ($150)
(bonus reward given to winning chapters IAW LOA-G5)

2.  Eligibility includes all active members, IAW LOA bylaws.  Only exclusions are lifetime, honorary, and corporate memberships.