Spring ER Released — With a New Look!

Spring ER Download

The Spring Exceptional Release is now available for download.  The latest articles range from authors in the Pentagon all the way to the flightline.  We encourage you to read and share these articles with your co-workers.  Special thanks to our authors and editors for putting this together.

Table of Contents
4 Repairing Aircraft Faster at Lower Cost
6 From the E-Ring: Our Charge
8 Designing Flexibility into Government Modernization Projects
15 Readiness Redefined … Welcome to Phase III
18 Troop Support Event Poses Question: How and Where Can Blockchain Help?
20 Resilient Sustainment
29 Logistics Agility & Resiliency: Training the Supply Chain
35 Combatting Counterfeit Parts in the DOD Supply Chain
39 Edwards AFB Muroc Chapter Visits Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
41 Troop Support Hosts Logistics Officers Association Chapter