LOA is a non-profit organization comprised of over 4,000 military officers and civilians in the Logistics, Acquisition, and Technology career fields around the globe. The purpose of LOA is to enhance the mission of the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense (DoD) through concerted efforts to promote quality Logistics, professional development of logistics, acquisition and technology officers, and an open forum for leadership, management and technical interchange. LOA Bylaws are available on-line.  For information about the Acquisition Officer Association can be found at About AOA.


Our vision is to be a cutting edge professional development association providing relevant, real and provocative learning and collaboration opportunities to logistics, acquisition and technology professionals across the Department of Defense, industry and academia.


Our mission is to inspire informed, connected and effective members by providing value-added professional development and education opportunities through strategic engagement with military leaders and defense industry and academia partners.

Mail all official LOA or AOA correspondence to:

P.O. Box 2264
Arlington VA 22202

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